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I think I strained my whatchamacallit

When I bought my house, I was gifted a nifty 1970’s desk that has real potential. Yes, I like kitsch. So anyway, I set up the spare bedroom as my office, a thing I have wanted since the beginning of time. A mom cave; my own space to do my writing, surfing, kibbitzing, and daydreaming. It was awesome! I had the desk, a couple of cute chairs and an occasional table, even a smallish grandfather clock. There’s a nice size window that lets in the morning sun, limiting my need for the kinda crappy overhead light. Of course, it was still springlike outside when I did this and I was filled with joy. Until summer hit and I discovered that my central AC is central non-AC. Let’s be realistic here. I just bought a house. I don’t have a spare 5 grand laying around to replace the AC. What I have is 2 small window units and a portable AC unit that has seen better days, but only cost me $40 at the local deal-n-dash. I tried, really really tried, to tough it out in my new mom cave. That window with the morning sun made that little room hotter than the 7th circle of hell by 10 a.m. I was hot, sweaty, and stuck to everything I came in contact with. It was a miserable experience. Keeping the office intact, I took my handy dandy lablet first to the living room, and ultimately to my room. No it’s not a typo. I said lablet. It’s a Surface Pro; a little more than a tablet, but not quite a laptop. Lablet. Deal with it.


I’m not a young woman anymore. I’m not old, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen my 20’s. Sitting on my bed trying to use my lablet became an exercise in constant hip and knee joint pain, not to mention the joyful feeling it gave my lower back. And since I am now doing the writing gig full time, I spend a lot of hours in front of a keyboard. Like on the order of 8-10 hours a day, depending on what I am working on. I sat on my bed because it was what there was to sit on, and it put me in close proximity of the portable AC. My entire bedroom is currently arranged around the beast, a trade off I made to avoid heat stroke on any given deep-south summer day. Not to mention the fact that it’s a lablet. It’s got a cute little purple keyboard, and a cute little kickstand, neither of which are designed to sit on the bed for hours on end to write article after article.


At any rate, it was starting to affect my productivity. I was waiting until late at night to work, and rising before the sun to work, so that I could whine about my back, hips, and knees throughout the heat of the day. When you write for a news aggregation service, you can’t always do that. So this morning, I bit the bullet and decided to move the desk into my room. Holy God, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. I had forgotten how awkward and heavy that damn desk is. I swear I think it is actually made out of cleverly disguised cast iron. It is definitely a solid piece of office furniture, unlike my current desk chair, which is, yes, a lawn IMG_20170723_134411chair with a cushion and a throw I crocheted while darling daughter was in the hospital. Hey, don’t judge. It works. Being the perky little go-getter than I am (stop LAUGHING!) I rearranged my bedroom and pushed, pulled, shoved, and drug the damn desk in here. It’s where I now sit, writing this post. The jury is out on if it’s cooler and more comfortable, though. With all the moving, I think I pulled something. Something vital. My whatchamacallit. That thing. Plus I’m hot and sweaty from the rearranging. So, for today, I won’t judge. If I can actually move tomorrow, we’ll see how it works.


Facebook is Giving Me the Home Décor Skeeves

About 2 months ago I bought a house. It’s a unique fixer-upper opportunity kind of house and I got it for a steal. I mean seriously, it’s almost criminal how little I paid. The beauty of this house is that it is paid for, in full. No monthly mortgage. Yay, me! Since I no longer have a monthly home expense over my head, I am free to spend time developing my writing career. Yay, me, again! Added to that is the fact that I can take my time and decorate it how I want, with no landlord interference. It’s a win, win, win situation as far as I can tell. I couldn’t wait to get started.

My daughter’s room is the first we have tackled, and other than getting to choose her color scheme, it was a rush job. I needed a clean place for her, as the previous tenants had been less than fastidious, and then the house had sat vacant for 7 months.  Funk abounded, and as a person with a brand new kidney transplant, she needed CLEAN. So I got the paint in the colors she chose, we scrubbed the walls clean, slapped on the new paint, and called it temporarily done. Temporarily because there was no prep work done at all. We painted nails, rough spots, bad patch jobs, the works. I have full intentions of going back when things are more settled and doing it right, but this will suffice for now.

I began looking at all these home décor things cropping up in my Facebook feed. I have a friend that loves the chalk paint white Victorian look, and she posts dozens of these type photos every week. I could seriously see doing my bedroom in this style. As a lover of antiques, I have a lot of dark wood furniture, so I clearly cannot do my whole house like this, but I can pull off the bedroom, I think. The main body of the house has the original hardwood floors, (stained dark, of course) and the kitchen, dining room, bath, and bonus room have what I will refer to as temporary flooring until I can afford the flooring I want.

After almost a month of looking at home décor that dazzled the eye, I took a good long look around my living room and came to a sad realization. As much as I would like to believe I have at least a little flair for decorating, I actually have none. My decorating style can be best described as a mash up of thrift store chic and 1930’s bordello. Now, every time I walk into my living room, I just see the sitting room of an old whorehouse. Part of it is the lamps. My friend recently moved into a smaller apartment and downsized. This led to me acquiring a lot of stuff for my house. She was passionate about the color red. So I have 3 lamps with red lamp shades, varying bases, and hit or miss on beads and fringe. Combine that with the dark wood of the old Victrola cabinet, the overstuffed chairs and sofa, and the dark, skinny boards of the hardwood floors, and the only thing missing is a scantily clad moll draped over a machine-gun-toting mobster. About as far from airy, pale floral, chalk white Victorian as you can get.

I’m going to quit looking at Facebook décor pages. Before, I liked my living room. To me it was comfy and a touch mysterious. I want that feeling back. I want to sink into my chair, in my dimly lit living room, and enjoy watching television, surrounded by my dark and mysterious nooks and crannies. I want to envision it decorated for Christmas in a Dickens novel kind of way. I want to get that damn leg lamp from A Christmas Story for my front picture window. Who knows. Maybe I can make turn-of-the-century tacky the new trend.

But I’m still gonna try for that Victorian look in my bedroom.