How My Mind Works, OR Why I can’t ever take a good nap

Hi there. It's me again. Coming to you fresh from yet another aborted nap on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Why didn't I get a nap?, Well, I'll tell you. It starts with Annabelle. Annabelle has to get the bed to HER liking. Not my comfort. Heaven forbid. No, no, it's all about her. Getting the... Continue Reading →


Merry Christmas, Dr. Spencer

You remember Dr. Ray Spencer, don't you? He's the man that was a police officer with Vancouver Police Department when he was wrongfully convicted of molesting his own children back in the mid-eighties. He was exonerated after 20 years, and is a free man, with no criminal record. Clark County Washington finally put a price... Continue Reading →

Letters From Nowhere

When I first started covering Daniel Holtzclaw, all I knew about him was what the media portrayed. Early media reports were horribly derogatory,  finding fault with everything from his looks to his faith. If there was a way to spin something to play against Daniel, the media did it.  What little bit the media didn't... Continue Reading →

It’s like a bad game of Trivial Pursuit

One thing I realized early on is that if you freelance, especially for a content mill, your head will be filled with loads of useless information. Well, it's useless unless you are attending a big Trivial Pursuit playing bash this weekend. Is that even a thing anymore? Since I am not attending a T.P. bash... Continue Reading →

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