The Girl That Cried Wolf

Meet Roy Moore. He's suddenly had 5 women come forward and accuse him of sexual misconduct. He hasn't been charged, he hasn't been tried and he hasn't been convicted in a court of law. But he has been accused. In the media. All over the media, in fact. Complete with appearances by Gloria Allred. that... Continue Reading →


Time I’ll Never Get Back

  I hate it when I invest time into something that shows itself at the last possible second to be a total waste. I've done it with books, and movies. Yesterday was no exception. I stumbled into the garbage side of Netflix yesterday.  I tried, and failed, to find some mindless entertainment. What I found... Continue Reading →

Brand New Day

Life is tumultuous at the best of times. Or at least mine is. Circumstances had put me in a position to freelance full time, which is something most people don't have. Part of the appeal of freelancing is getting to do your own thing, within reason. I tried on a couple of news ag services... Continue Reading →

Halloween Traditions

Ok to lighten the mood a bit, lets talk spookiness. Halloween is tied with Christmas for my favorite holiday. I love the darkness of Halloween in the same way I love the bright glittery-ness of Christmas. I just get all warm and fuzzy. Don't judge me. Ever since my kids have been too big to... Continue Reading →

30 pieces of silver at the food bank

So, the guy came to the food bank because he needed help to feed his family. They box him up the usual stuff; staples like canned veggies, off-brand cereal and peanut butter, and powdered milk. He's aghast. He can't imagine eating that off-brand peanut butter. He demands prime rib instead. Only the very best for... Continue Reading →

Teething puppies are not cute

I'd like to tell you I've been productive in my time away from my blog here. I haven't been, but I'd like to tell you I have. What I have been doing is puppy training and working. I don't want to talk about working though, because frustrations are high at the moment. So let's talk... Continue Reading →

We work together just fine!

***This is a guest post from the Head Honcho at BetheRain about what it's like to work with me, how we deal with world views and differences, and a fix for societal plights we face today. Awesome read, I highly recommend it! GW*** Grace Winterwood has been tasked with looking at life, and the inevitable... Continue Reading →

Singing the Blues

The reporting-got-me-crazy-new-puppy-got-me-sleepy blues. For the past, what, 2 months or so I have been up to my eyeballs in coverage for a journal I write for. It's a really cool place to write, and we generate some hella good articles (BetheRain). I'm a conservative, the head honcho is...not. Not sure what he is exactly, an... Continue Reading →

Solar Eclipse Wait

While I am sitting here waiting on the eclipse, I decided to wow you with more of my droll writing abilities and insights. Actually, I woke up this morning with ancient civilizations on my brain. Can you imagine the fear and awe they must have felt during a solar eclipse? The sky going dark in... Continue Reading →

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