How My Mind Works, OR Why I can’t ever take a good nap

Hi there. It's me again. Coming to you fresh from yet another aborted nap on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Why didn't I get a nap?, Well, I'll tell you. It starts with Annabelle. Annabelle has to get the bed to HER liking. Not my comfort. Heaven forbid. No, no, it's all about her. Getting the... Continue Reading →


Yuletide Fun with Joy Villa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!

I'm getting used to seeing really dumb stuff on the news. I'm used to seeing moronic stuff on my Twitter feed. Joy Villa definitely hit the moronic portion of Twitter. She has jumped on the #metoo bandwagon. Seems she was smacked on the ass by a certain Mr. Lewandowski, not just once, but twice. Make... Continue Reading →

The Girl That Cried Wolf

Meet Roy Moore. He's suddenly had 5 women come forward and accuse him of sexual misconduct. He hasn't been charged, he hasn't been tried and he hasn't been convicted in a court of law. But he has been accused. In the media. All over the media, in fact. Complete with appearances by Gloria Allred. that... Continue Reading →

Time I’ll Never Get Back

  I hate it when I invest time into something that shows itself at the last possible second to be a total waste. I've done it with books, and movies. Yesterday was no exception. I stumbled into the garbage side of Netflix yesterday.¬† I tried, and failed, to find some mindless entertainment. What I found... Continue Reading →

Teething puppies are not cute

I'd like to tell you I've been productive in my time away from my blog here. I haven't been, but I'd like to tell you I have. What I have been doing is puppy training and working. I don't want to talk about working though, because frustrations are high at the moment. So let's talk... Continue Reading →

We work together just fine!

***This is a guest post from the Head Honcho at BetheRain about what it's like to work with me, how we deal with world views and differences, and a fix for societal plights we face today. Awesome read, I highly recommend it! GW*** Grace Winterwood has been tasked with looking at life, and the inevitable... Continue Reading →

Singing the Blues

The reporting-got-me-crazy-new-puppy-got-me-sleepy blues. For the past, what, 2 months or so I have been up to my eyeballs in coverage for a journal I write for. It's a really cool place to write, and we generate some hella good articles (BetheRain). I'm a conservative, the head honcho is...not. Not sure what he is exactly, an... Continue Reading →

Stricter Idiot Control

Some jackwagon decided to piss me off last night. I have just started working for another news aggregation service, and I was struggling through my first article for them. The article itself wasn't a struggle, but learning their platform was trying my patience. Not to mention, the article was about Daniel Holtzclaw¬†and I was trying... Continue Reading →

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