We work together just fine!

***This is a guest post from the Head Honcho at BetheRain about what it's like to work with me, how we deal with world views and differences, and a fix for societal plights we face today. Awesome read, I highly recommend it! GW*** Grace Winterwood has been tasked with looking at life, and the inevitable... Continue Reading →


Hot Egg Farts In My Hair, Day 2

Well, after the scary orange-turned funky ombre hair thing, I used One 'n Only Color Fix on my hair yesterday to try and find a happy medium between scary orange and funky ombre. What I found was tan. It levelled out my hair to a uniform tan. I've never seen tan hair before yesterday. It... Continue Reading →

Orange Hair is NOT Amusing

So, among other quirky things about my house you didn't know, is the fact that the hose pipe in the back yard connects off of my water heater. I don't know why it does, but it does. There's a reason I am telling you this. It's because of the orange hair. Yes, you heard me.... Continue Reading →

AC – The final chapter

I have done loads of work, it seems to me, on this AC unit with the ultimate goal of having cool air flowing over my fevered brow as I write. Whether it is here, or writing copy borderline clickbait, my little office has a huge window that makes it uncomfortably warm. Added to which I... Continue Reading →

This Air Conditioner is Killing Me

Ok, so if you've been following along, you are familiar with the saga of the AC repair. This freaking AC is gonna kill me, or I'm going to kill it. One or the other. Where did I leave off? Oh yeah. The contactor. The verdict was that I needed a contactor. Like everything else on... Continue Reading →

Ok, It Wasn’t The Transformer

After a few bad moments replacing the furnace transformer, which turned out to be a complete bust, I did establish that the transformer was fine. I should have reached that conclusion a lot sooner than I did, but I blame it on the hot, dark conditions I was forced to work in. At a certain... Continue Reading →

A Transformer Tale

One thing about buying a unique fixer-upper opportunity house is that you get to learn how to fixer-upper stuff you never thought you'd deal with. I'm currently in fixer-upper hell over a lack of air conditioning. And as a side note, the heat doesn't work either, but it's May so who cares. So I have fooled... Continue Reading →

Twinkle, Twinkle Something Pink

via Daily Prompt: Pink Twinkle, twinkle something pink, clogging up the bathroom sink I can see you in the drain, blocking water, you pink pain. Twinkle, twinkle something pink, I'll get you out of my damn sink. Long nose pliers do the job, to remove that gross pink blob. Twinkle, twinkle something pink, I got... Continue Reading →

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