AR stands for Assault Rifle, and Other Dumb Myths

Oh good googley moogley. There is nothing like a horrific mass murder to bring out the dumbassedness in folks. I’m not talking about the calls for weapons reform and gun bans. I’m talking about the flawed logic and fake facts that are used to justify it. Here are a few I have dealt with on Twitter and Facebook the past few days.

#1 AR stands for Assault Rifle

No, really it doesn’t. To be fair, you’ve got it half right. The rifle part is right. That’s all that you’ve got right. AR actually stands for Armalite Rifle. Armalite would be the first company that manufactured that particular type of rifle, back in the 50’s-ish. I don’t know for certain when, just that it was before I was manufactured. It is important to understand that it means Armalite Rifle, so you don’t say really dumb stuff like, “If it was named after Armalite, it would be the AL-15.” Yes, that really happened. So, now you know what AR stands for. Yay, you! Now keep learning.


#2 The .223 is an assault round that won’t work in a regular rifle

No. Just no. The best way I can cover this is to show you the following rifles. Hold onto your butts.

This is a microscopic sampling of rifles that use .223 loads. They aren’t assault rifles either. They also aren’t automatic weapons. They are plain old rifles.

#3. The high capacity magazine makes it an assault weapon

Again, just NO. Meet the Ruger Mini 14. Which also supports a high capacity magazine.  And is still not an assault rifle or automatic weapon.

ruger mini 14

Or here’s a Mossberg MVP. Same concept applies, though I am sure the respective manufacturers would not appreciate it if I said they are the same thing.

mossberg MVP

Still not automatic or assault. Sorry.

#4. You can turn them into fully automatic weapons

Well technically, you can. I wouldn’t. Not just because it’s hella illegal, either. I wouldn’t because the semi-automatic rifle framework isn’t designed to support that. So you run the risk of turning your AR-15 into a handheld claymore. Which would mean that the flying shrapnel would do just as much damage to you as it would do to your intended target. Probably more. So yeah, uhhh, nope.

Now if this was an article to address the gun control debate it would be a lot longer. And it wouldn’t convince you anyway. But before you pick a Twitter fight, seriously, do some research. Because when you say things like those listed above, absolutely nobody can take you seriously.  I know I can’t. Also, when you pepper your arguments with phrases like FUCK YOU, I hope you die, Suck a gun barrel etc, you completely invalidate your arguments.

This has been your #gunsense PSA






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