How My Mind Works, OR Why I can’t ever take a good nap

Hi there. It’s me again. Coming to you fresh from yet another aborted nap on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Why didn’t I get a nap?, Well, I’ll tell you. It starts with Annabelle. Annabelle has to get the bed to HER liking. Not my comfort. Heaven forbid. No, no, it’s all about her. Getting the bed to Annabelle’s liking usually takes about 20 minutes and a few trips off the bed to drag crap onto the bed she has to have. For today’s nap, we have the bed linens, an extra blanket, a towel, a sock, a pair of sweatpants and a shoe. Yes, I’m serious.


None of these elements may be removed from the bed or she will wake up with a vengeance and your shot for a snooze is gone. Needless to say, after all this went on, I needed a chance to unwind again. So I settled down with my Kindle to a bit of light reading.  Today that turned out to be this book here…

henry viii


After a few minutes of reading about Henry VIII, I started thinking about that show, ‘The Tudors’, with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He’s such an attractive man, truly. And I loved him in the show.


So Jonathan Rhys Meyers reminded me of my preteen heart throb Robby Benson, who used to look like this…


And grew up to look like this…


Which for reasons I cannot even begin to explain reminded me of being in the vape shop yesterday. I was trying to explain to a new vape addict how to tell when your coil is shot. (If you blow into it and the resulting vapor cloud smells like 3 day old cheese and feet, you need to change the coil…a week ago) This reminded me I need to order coils (cheaper than buying them in a shop) so I grab my phone, unlock the screen and come face to face with this guy on Facebook



Which made me reflect on the fact that he should be 20 years older and my next door neighbor and madly in love with me, rather than the sad lonely life he must currently lead. (Oh shut up. I have a great fantasy life) This made me thirsty, so I got up to a a drink.

And woke up Annabelle.

And that is why my brain actively keeps me from napping.

And I still haven’t ordered coils, either.


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