Canine Colon Cleanse

Have you met my darling dog, Annabelle? Cute dog, cute name, right? Sometimes she’s cute like an innocent little puppy should be. Sometimes she lives up to her name (think ‘The Conjuring’). Well Annabelle is VERY food-oriented, food-driven, and food-motivated. If she can get her teeth on it, she’s going to try, with varying degrees of success, to eat it.


Some of her successful feeding sprees have been potato chips, crackers, crumbs, paper, cardboard, cigarettes (yes, I quite smoking…long story for another blog post), cheap dollar general toys, puppy treats, sticks and twigs, leaves, crepe myrtle berries, and acorns. She’s very passionate about bacon, pickles, onions, pizza rolls, cheese, ritz crackers, and pretty much any other human food you can think of. Even Brussel sprouts.

Some ingestion failures would be countless hangers, boots, tennis shoes, flip-flops, brooms, mops, dish towels, bath towels, a tablet, 2 cell phones, a cell phone charger,  2 remote controls, plastic bags of any variety, and my pig slippers. I’m not kidding when I say she’ll try to eat anything.



How can you be mad at a face like that, right? Well Annabelle might have finally met her gastric match. To be fair, it was partially my fault. I had had Taco Bell for supper night before last, and I tossed the “leftovers” in the trash. What I failed to do was make sure the trash can lid latched. So, on the sly, she got into the trash, into the box the food was in, and got out what was left of a beef burrito supreme. ****PSA…Do NOT feed puppies refried beans. Ever.****

I stagger into the kitchen yesterday morning and discover the evidence of her crime. The only reason I was even in the kitchen to start with was her loud, insistent whining that indicated she REALLY needed to go outside. Boy oh boy, did she ever. What followed was a solid 5 hours of Annabelle and the poop soup adventure. 2-3 times an hour, she’d have to go outside and fertilize the back yard.

Between bowel eruptions, she was fine. Playful, cold nosed, mouthy, and her usual self. by the third hour I was wondering how much more she could have left. By the fourth hour, I was amazed she was still going, and by the fifth I was exhausted from running back and forth to let her out. Once the refried beans had run their course, she too was exhausted.


Sadly, I don’t think this will deter her from garbage grazing OR refried beans. Note to self: Self, make sure you latch the garbage can lid from now on!


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