Yuletide Fun with Joy Villa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!

joyvillaI’m getting used to seeing really dumb stuff on the news. I’m used to seeing moronic stuff on my Twitter feed. Joy Villa definitely hit the moronic portion of Twitter. She has jumped on the #metoo bandwagon. Seems she was smacked on the ass by a certain Mr. Lewandowski, not just once, but twice. Make no mistake, I am NOT condoning this behavior at all. Guys need to keep their paws to themselves, or risk drawing back a nub. She claims she told him to stop, which is when he did it the second time. Shame on you, Mr. Lewandowski. That is definitely NOT acceptable behavior, by any stretch of the imagination.

But…(no pun intended there)

Is it REALLY enough to justify a police report? No. It’s just not. There are so many ways she could have handled this encounter that would not have MINIMIZED what true sexual assault victims go through. She could have slugged him right in the nose. She could have dick-kicked him. She could have started a rumor that he had the largest penis she’d ever seen, forcing him to spend the rest of his life proving what a liar she was. She could have removed herself from the situation entirely. And yes, she could have filed a police report, quietly with some dignity and grace.

So she files the report the next month, at the urging of friends. Seriously? Then, and this is where it gets moronic, she starts giving interviews about it. One of the things she said that makes me scratch my head was that she “didn’t know him at all” and “only by reputation” and that he BROKE HER TRUST. Come ON, Joy. Why would you immediately TRUST anyone you don’t know, anyhow? The fact that he broke your trust means you trusted him to start with, and that is on you. She also said she was afraid of the backlash.



With good reason. Turns out Joy Villa is a bit of an ass-smacker herself. To give credit where credit is due, she claims she stopped when told to take it easy. But she certainly put her own spin on it, and it doesn’t jibe with the male ass-smackee’s version of events. So we have a classic pot/kettle moment here. The bottom line is that if you feel it is ok for you to do to a man, you can’t really cry foul when he does it to you. Either it’s assault or it isn’t. Just because you have a vagina doesn’t mean you get special treatment.

Again, for the easily triggered and always butthurt, I do NOT condone Corey Lewandowski putting palm-to-ass, especially if he was told to stop. I also don’t support Joy Villa filing a police report and case in the court of public opinion either. Her suffering isn’t the same as a victim of violent rape, repeated assault, stalking, or sexual degradation. She needs to spend less time giving interviews, and more time learning how to handle herself in situations like this, whether she is the smacker or smackee. She needs to get off the popular bandwagons, and work behind the scenes, without approbation, to help victims of sexual assault.

And really, she needs to never, ever again say anything about running for the Senate. Ever.



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  1. I’m fed up with all the bullshit of calling others out publicly in an attempt to ruin them. I wish the man she smacked in the video would file charges against her!


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