The Girl That Cried Wolf

Roy Moore
Roy Moore

Meet Roy Moore. He’s suddenly had 5 women come forward and accuse him of sexual misconduct. He hasn’t been charged, he hasn’t been tried and he hasn’t been convicted in a court of law. But he has been accused. In the media. All over the media, in fact. Complete with appearances by Gloria Allred. that almighty mouthpiece of women. (The ones that think they can’t speak for themselves.) And he’s been convicted in the media. If this doesn’t scare the stuffing out of you, it should. Why?

Has our society reached a place that mere accusation is enough to condemn any man or woman? It is certainly looking that way. I don’t know this man. I don’t know the women that accuse him. Why should I believe one over the other? These accusations come at a fortuitous time for the democratic party for certain. Does that have any bearing on anything? I have no idea, honestly. All I do know is accusations have been made and suddenly everyone wants to destroy this man as if he had been tried and convicted in a court of law.

Sadly it isn’t just democrats denouncing him. People in his own party have jumped on the save-face-for-the-press bandwagon. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? What ever happened to filing a criminal complain, rather than a press release? The timing alone of these accusations makes them suspect. Why not point fingers before? Say, for instance, when he was a judge? Is it not a big enough political splash for you?

Writing as I do about criminal justice reform,  I see social mob justice rule more and more. The Constitution is treated like left over paper to line a bird-cage with. What ever happened to “innocent until proven guilty?” It’s easy to point fingers at others, but what will you do when someone points a finger at you? Will you suddenly remember that you have that right? The right you are actively denying to another person.

It is disturbing to see others that claim to advocate for criminal justice reform or wrongful conviction awareness jump on the accused = guilty bandwagon. How can you claim to fight injustice, and yet perpetrate it yourself? How can you be judge, jury and executioner for one man, and claim you fight to free another from the same mindset? How, exactly, does that look?

If Roy Moore is guilty of that which he is accused, then by all means, publicly crucify him. If he is guilty then he would deserve that, and more. Just make sure he is guilty. I’m not prepared to condemn a man during unprecedented political upheaval and mudslinging based upon accusations and a year book signature. Would you want someone you care about convicted with only that as evidence? I hope you answer no. If you don’t, it wont matter who winds up in office. Our society will have already lost.


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  1. This is the saddest defense of the man I’ve seen yet. A yearbook signature is FAR from the only evidence supporting these womens claims. You said “if he is guilty than by all means publicly crucify him”, ok, well what amount of evidence to prove his guilt would satisfy you? Because DNA or anything else physical, based on the circumstances, would be impossible to gain. So the only possible “proof” is believing these women, which is the right thing to do considering not a single one of them has anything to gain. And the 14 year old (at the time) accuser is a staunch Republican, so any anterior motive argument is absurd. Additionally it’s FIVE women against one man’s word, that’s pretty damning in itself.


    1. I’m sorry that your takeaway is this. This isn’t a defense of Roy Moore. It’s a question about due process, or rather the lack of. I sincerely hope no one ever accuses someone you know, because according to that thought process, that equals conviction.

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