Time I’ll Never Get Back


I hate it when I invest time into something that shows itself at the last possible second to be a total waste. I’ve done it with books, and movies. Yesterday was no exception. I stumbled into the garbage side of Netflix yesterday.  I tried, and failed, to find some mindless entertainment. What I found was 3 movies in a row that sucked so much they should advertise for Dirt Devil.

It’s not the fault of Netflix, mind you. It’s my inability to walk away from anything in the Horror genre. Except stuff that I already know isn’t for me, like the Saw series, or Hostel. I like to be scared, not grossed out. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by many IFC offerings when it comes to creepy movies. Yesterday was not my day though.  These movies were so bad I cannot even remember what they are called. I put up an impenetrable block about them. That’s actually NOT a good thing, either.


Since I have put this block up, I am destined to watch them again. I may or may not remember halfway through that I have already seen them. If I remember, I will exit the movie, and it will show as partially watched. That’s my indicator to not watch anymore of it. If I don’t remember, I’ll be stuck in a loop of watch, block and forget, re-watch, like Groundhog Day meets Tim Burton. I hate it when this happens, as it sets the tone for everything I watched. It even killed TWD for me last night.

You know what sucks worse than the garbage side of Netflix? Waiting all week for a show that falls flat when you finally get to watch it. ***Spoiler Alert*** Did they REALLY have to kill Shiva? Next week better be a much better episode. I’m just sayin’…



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