Brand New Day


Life is tumultuous at the best of times. Or at least mine is. Circumstances had put me in a position to freelance full time, which is something most people don’t have. Part of the appeal of freelancing is getting to do your own thing, within reason. I tried on a couple of news ag services for size, and they weren’t a good fit. I’ve written content so it was just a question of getting used to the newer content platforms. I’ve sadly neglected my own tiny little hole in the world here.

Today, I decided that has got to change. I want to write, not sell my soul. There will be some heavy content here, and some lighthearted content, some outright idiotic dumb stuff, too. All I can promise is that it will be true to me. I was coming back from the store yesterday when all this hit me, all because of some plaid boxer shorts.

I miss writing things like “The Year in Briefs”. Seriously, it was a stupid, lighthearted fluff piece, but it was mine. Just FYI, the new thing in briefs apparently is to wear whitey tighties, or boxer briefs UNDER plaid or patterned regular boxers, which are then artfully displayed well above the waistband of men’s pants.  Layers, yo. Guys clearly missed the 80’s layering craze where women’s clothing had shoulder pads. After you put on a shirt, pullover sweater, and a jacket, you had so many shoulder pads layered, you looked like a linebacker. Maybe it’s the modern man version of the 1800’s bustle…

Anyway, as usual Graceless continues to ebb and flow, and evolve. Writing content still sucks but so does paying bills, sooo… I’m here, alive and well. I’ll be here more. And we’ll see what we see!


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