Halloween Traditions

Ok to lighten the mood a bit, lets talk spookiness. Halloween is tied with Christmas for my favorite holiday. I love the darkness of Halloween in the same way I love the bright glittery-ness of Christmas. I just get all warm and fuzzy. Don’t judge me.


Ever since my kids have been too big to go trick or treating, we have made Halloween officially the creepy movie and candy day. I love horror movies. Not to be confused with gross out movies. Spooky, make you leave the lights on-type movies are my favorite. We would all pile up on the sofa, turn the lights out, eat candy and watch the chills and thrills unfold. This usually culminated in at least one of my kids winding up in my bed in the middle of the night. Just part of the tradition.

Young Frankenstein is another part of the tradition. We have to see it at some point on Halloween. It’s not right without it. Like watching A Christmas Story on Christmas. If I ever have grandkids, I’m gonna dress them up like Ralphie and Randy for Halloween. Then instead of saying trick or treat, I’m gonna get them to say “Frau Blucher!” I, of course, will have a recording of a horse whinnying to play on cue. Ok so I’m a geek. At least I own that shit.


This is the first Halloween in a loooong time that we have gotten to enjoy chocolate candy, so I am super excited about that. We tried last year, but we were still in the in-hospital-out-of-hospital phase of transplant recovery, so it didn’t work out. But yeah, this year we get to TOTALLY thumb our noses at kidney failure and eat chocolate candy. Plus, we have a vast array of choices for movie viewing, AND my house gets dark as hell with the lights out. Good times!

Added to that a dog that randomly barks at nothing in various corners of the house, as well as the ceiling on occasion. Ghosties, much? So yeah, tomorrow I am looking forward to our Halloween tradition. Because tomorrow, as the veil between the living and dead is at it’s thinnest, I transform into the biggest kid of them all!


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