Livin’ La Vida Hospital

Yes, oh yes, we are back in the hospital. It’s like a second home for vacations or something, only not fun sand and sun filled vacations. More like an antiseptic and test tube filled vacation. I swear, you know you’ve been here a lot when nurses on other floors pop in to say hello. Housekeeping too. They like us because I try to keep the room tidy.  I’ve gotten used to writing from just about anywhere in this past year. I adapt. I take what’s available and make it work. Like this…


Yes, I looked like death. She was in the hospital and looked 1000 times better than I did. What can I say. Hospital visits wear on me, and in my defense, I was sick as a dog myself when she took this picture. I was rocking a combination UTI and stomach virus. I lost 10 pounds that week, but I don’t recommend it as a diet plan. And yes, that is a bedside potty I was using as a desk. Adaptability matters, okay?

This visit is not as hard on me, as I am not quietly wishing to die. She’s having a bit of a rougher time this trip. But I am a mom with a vengeful nature, and she took that picture and posted it on Facebook for the world to see. So, in retaliation, meet my kid…


Now before you jump all over me for doing this, she is sick but recovering, and she is sleeping like a rock in this picture. As I type this she is chatting with her nurse and getting ready to take meds. I am sitting on the sofa, lablet on the potty chair, typing away. This is hospital life. May it soon be a thing of the past for her.


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