So, who killed Sister Cathy?

Netflix is becoming an expert at putting out thought-provoking documentaries on crime, and they’ve roped me in once again. I’m still slogging through all of the evidence from Making a Murderer, and what happens? Netflix releases another one, The Keepers. Where Making a Murderer is fraught with voracious claims of guilt and innocence, depending on who you believe, The Keepers has no confirmed bad guy for the actual killing of Sister Cathy. Not to say there is no bad guy overall. Father Joseph Maskell certainly fits the bad guy role throughout the series. He’s that guy you’re going to love to hate. As much as I would love to say he probably killed Sister Cathy, the sad, simple truth is that he most likely did not. I can’t say he didn’t set the wheels in motion. In fact, I think he did just that, whether he actually knew it at the time or not. And he certainly used it to his advantage to control Jane Doe (Jean Hargadon Wehner).  So let’s start at the beginning, and the beginning is not with Sister Cathy’s death. The beginning goes back much farther than that.

For Jane Doe (JHW), the beginning was the first time she went to confession at Archbishop of Keough High School, and encountered Father Magnus.  I’m still researching Father Magnus, but he would have his own beginning. Then there is Father Maskell’s beginning, which could be from 1957 when he entered  St. Mary Seminary School, or it could go all the way back into his childhood.  Lastly, there are the beginnings for everyone involved in what can only be called a pedophile ring. Most of these are shadow figures, comprised of other priests, brothers, police and others. I don’t think anyone really knows how large the ring was, or how high up in both church and government it went. That is ultimately the root of the problem, and what caused the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik. My personal belief at this time is that if it had only been Father Maskell and Father Magnus, Sister Cathy would have prevailed in her attempt to protect these girls. It was the sheer number of men involved in this ring that cost her her life, in my opinion. Until we can uncover other key players involved in this ring, we won’t know who killed Sister Cathy.

And what about Joyce Malecki? Was she a red herring, killed to throw off the investigation of Sister Cathy’s murder? Was her murder related at all? She did know Father Maskell, after all. And as rampant as the abuse seems to have been, it is not inconceivable that she too knew something that was dangerous to the ring. It seems her murder has lost a lot of focus that it should have received. What strikes me about the investigation into her murder is that it was/is handled by the FBI, as she was found on federal land. So that would remove the local law enforcement from it entirely. I would think that this fact would make a pedophile ring nervous. It would be a lot easier to control the direction of an investigation at the local level, rather than the federal level.  So that lends itself to the idea that either her murder was unrelated to  that of Sister Cathy or that whoever murdered her knew how to beat the system. The FBI has not released any records as yet, but it didn’t stop me from requesting them. And I’ll request them again and again, if for no other reason than to reassure myself that the reach of pedophile central based out of the Holy Roman Catholic Church could not reach that far. To think otherwise is a scary thought. I would prefer my government not answer to a single religion or church. I’m picky like that.

Like I said in an earlier post, I’m not trying to solve these crimes. I’m just not qualified to do that. What I am qualified to do is dig, research, ask hard questions, and evaluate what I learn. I’m qualified to tell you all about it. I’m qualified to let these survivors know they are not alone, they themselves did nothing wrong, and they are not forgotten.  And that is all I am trying to do here.


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