It’s like a bad game of Trivial Pursuit

One thing I realized early on is that if you freelance, especially for a content mill, your head will be filled with loads of useless information. Well, it’s useless unless you are attending a big Trivial Pursuit playing bash this weekend. Is that even a thing anymore?

Since I am not attending a T.P. bash this weekend, it’s just all jumbled up, rumbling around inside my head. For instance, I now know bioperine is actually a trademarked ingredient derived from piperine. And piperine is derived from black peppercorns. I know you take this to help with absorption of other compounds, like curcumin. I know the Royal Library of Alexandria was inadvertently burned down by Julius Caesar. I know about nutraceuticals and functional foods. It’s crazy the amount stuff I learned just this week.

Apparently my brain decided enough was enough last night. I dreamed that the insurance adjuster I am dealing with on my fender bender had an office in the Royal Library of Alexandria. It was on fire and he was trying to get me to agree to payment in peppercorns. Clearly I need a break, but you’ve gotta grind to make money.  So off I go, to grind some more.


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