Temporary Insanity of the Permanent Kind

via Daily Prompt: Temporary

I seem to be suffering from Temporary insanity. Of course, the fact that it started 26 years ago when I had my first of 2 delightful children makes it seem a little more permanent. I still say it is a temporary affliction that I will grow out of. I talk to myself, sometimes I even answer myself. Self and I argue on a regular basis. I forget things all the time. Like the fact that I did, in fact, make broccoli the other night with dinner. Which, as I realized at 5 o’clock this morning, is the reason my house smells like I have a pet skunk with a flatulence problem. (Note to self…take out the trash immediately upon completion of this post!) I have to edit myself when I speak to remove four letter words a lot, so I sound like an idiot that cannot complete a full sentence. But this will all pass eventually, right?

A million little things keep the temporary insanity alive and well. My insurance adjuster, that has filed a claim with the same wrong insurance company TWICE, for a fender bender that I was in a couple of weeks ago. My office, perfectly appointed, except for the fact that I currently have no desk chair. Glad Odor Control trash bags that are not currently controlling the odor of that broccoli at all. The roofers 3 doors down that started work at 5:30 this morning. Is it temporary? I’m not sure anymore. The only thing I am 100% certain of is that I am closing this post to go take out that stinking trash. Right. Now.


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  1. I think it must be catching. Currently wondering if I can plead temporary insanity too – memory like a fish! I just think there is too much going on that I can only zone in on certain things – luckily for me that means a lot of crafting and muddling through the rest of life ! Good luck.


      1. He he, my house has little pockets of craftness all around. The dining table has sewing on it – if I put it away I will not finish it. The lounge has current knitting. The spare room has WIPs and projects not yet started. Under the bed is fabric in boxes. I could go on …. I don’t often admit to how much I have !

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  2. Yes, there always seems to be something. And yet, maybe not. We do concentrate on the things that get beneath our nails, but often we totally ignore the things that don’t.
    Speaking as a person with a severe mental illness, I have realized that my times of sanity far outnumber my times without. Or I guess I can say that the difficulties that are just much less severe suddenly seem to be perfectly bearable.


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