Freelance Frustration is Running Rampant

Ok so I have been out of the game for a while. I get that. I understand that the internet is constantly evolving and you have to keep up to survive. But dayum! Most of the sites I used to freelance for are no longer in existence, or their platform has changed and they don’t use freelance writers anymore. I find myself starting from the ground up again, which would be fine except for a few little peeves of mine. So if you are interested in freelancing, let me save you some of the frustration I have experienced over the last 24 hours.

  • There are more scam sites than there used to be, and they are getting a lot better at hiding that they are scam sites. My new general rule of thumb is that if they want ME to pay THEM, they are scamming. A legitimate site earns their money off of what you earn, not off of you personally. Why in the hell would I pay someone $20-$120 to look at a list that doesn’t guarantee gigs, when I can just use Google and Bing and find those gigs for free.
  • Avoid sites that use the word “affiliate” as part of their title, tagline, or selling practice. These sites want you to share ads and then you get paid based on how many clicks your share gets. Get real for a minute here. Do you really want to alienate everyone on your social network by flooding your newsfeed with ads? And do you REALLY think your friends are going to happily, madly click away just so you can earn a few cents per click? Yeah, probably not. If I share an ad, its because I’m dropping hints about stuff I want. And as for any ads on here, well what can I say? It’s the free version and so I am stuck with the ads.
  • I have responded to countless freelance gigs in the past 24 hours that have turned out to be survey sites. Nobody ever made a living wage doing nothing but online surveys and if they tell you otherwise they are lying. Doing a survey isn’t freelancing, but they try to make you think it is. Not to mention the fact that 95% of the time, you won’t ‘qualify’ for the survey anyway.
  • Publishing your work for free to gain exposure is a biggie. I can see doing a couple of small articles (500 words or so) to prove you have a grasp of the English language and you know how to research a topic. However, I am not going to write for weeks on end, giving you free content just to get a gig that pays .03 a word once you deem me ready for paying gigs. This is why you see so much content on social media that has appalling grammar and doesn’t relate to the topic they claim to be writing about to start with.
  • Writing assessments to gain “qualifications” to write on a certain subject. This is another biggie these days. It’s simple. I don’t have to be an expert on dogs to research and write an article about choosing a chew toy. That’s WHY you research. The experts in that particular field are generally not writers on the side, just itching for a chance to write copy or content. Give me an almighty BREAK already. Get over yourselves. It’s not War and Peace, it’s hack writing with a sort of purpose.
  • And finally, the old “Get paid to 1. Post on Facebook, 2. Tweet on Twitter, 3. Heart on Instagram, or 4. search on Google.  Yeah, NO. Just. Don’t. Do. It. Clear enough?

Today is another day, that will be full of frustration and hopefully a paying gig here and there. If I find any likely sites, I may do a follow up post. I may not. I’m may overdose on ibuprophen, which is looking more likely by the minute. At any rate, at least I can come here and write to my heart’s content, without any BS to go along with it!


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