It’s Alive

Yes, I’m still alive and kicking. I’m also going to be getting back into writing on a limited basis. It’s been a crazy 3 years, gang. The transplant, the ongoing medical issues, the rejection of the kidney, not to mention my own health issues. So, I can’t burn the candle at all 400 ends anymore.... Continue Reading →

AR stands for Assault Rifle, and Other Dumb Myths

Oh good googley moogley. There is nothing like a horrific mass murder to bring out the dumbassedness in folks. I'm not talking about the calls for weapons reform and gun bans. I'm talking about the flawed logic and fake facts that are used to justify it. Here are a few I have dealt with on... Continue Reading →

Canine Colon Cleanse

Have you met my darling dog, Annabelle? Cute dog, cute name, right? Sometimes she's cute like an innocent little puppy should be. Sometimes she lives up to her name (think 'The Conjuring'). Well Annabelle is VERY food-oriented, food-driven, and food-motivated. If she can get her teeth on it, she's going to try, with varying degrees... Continue Reading →

My kid is a 1%er

I'm learning to hate them. True story. My poor daughter has had the most ROTTEN run of luck this holiday season. To be fair, we did get to enjoy the actual holiday itself. Both Thanksgiving and Christmas were spent having all the warm and fuzzy family feels you might expect. Two days later, for EACH... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas, Dr. Spencer

You remember Dr. Ray Spencer, don't you? He's the man that was a police officer with Vancouver Police Department when he was wrongfully convicted of molesting his own children back in the mid-eighties. He was exonerated after 20 years, and is a free man, with no criminal record. Clark County Washington finally put a price... Continue Reading →

Letters From Nowhere

When I first started covering Daniel Holtzclaw, all I knew about him was what the media portrayed. Early media reports were horribly derogatory,  finding fault with everything from his looks to his faith. If there was a way to spin something to play against Daniel, the media did it.  What little bit the media didn't... Continue Reading →

Where Are They Now?

It's been a while since I wrote about Daniel Holtzclaw and Ray Spencer. Not a lot has been happening in the public eye for either of them. There have been some things behind the scenes, not all of which I am at liberty to disclose. When they do become "public knowledge", I am sure bigger... Continue Reading →

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